The Diabetes Connection

The Diabetes Connection

Many diabetic snacks prevent blood sugar spikes by using sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.  Some common ingredient names include maltitol, mannitol, sorbital, lactitol, isomalt and xylitol.  Sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners add a sweet taste to food, but are intended to pass through the body without having a major effect on blood sugar or energy levels.  Unfortunately, these “empty calorie” carbohydrates often cause stomach upset, and most importantly, they do not deliver the fuel the body needs.

But diabetics and pre-diabetics need energy, too, and the types of carbohydrate “fuel” diabetics put into their body becomes that much more important due to the difficulties they face in managing their blood sugar levels.

The Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines Expert Committee (2008, 2013) “recommends replacing high-glycemic index carbohydrates with low-glycemic carbohydrates in mixed meals has a clinically significant effect on glycemic control in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.”

 “People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes should choose food sources of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, rather than high glycemic index, more often to help optimize glycemic control.”

“Dietary advice aimed at increasing the use of low-glycemic-index foods can help improve glycemic control in people with type 1 diabetes by reducing A1C and the number of hypoglycemic episodes.  Choosing low-glycemic-index foods within the same category of food may also help improve glycemic control in insulin resistant individuals with type 2 diabetes.” (2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines).

Each delicious SoLo Bar is clinically validated low glycemic (GI of 23-35) by GI Laboratories in Toronto, ON, making them a suitable snack choice for people looking for low glycemic index alternatives.  In addition, they are high in protein and fibre, delivering the sustained energy you need while leaving you feeling satisfied longer.  SoLo Bars have also been used in leading scientific studies across North America.

Diabetes Clinical Studies Using SoLo Bars

1)  Children Type 1 Diabetes:  National Institute of Health; The Effect of a Low-Glycemic Diet vs. Standard Diet on Blood Glucose Levels and Macronutrient Intake in Children with Diabetes (Journal of the American Dietic Assoc. 2009; 109:303-307)

NIH Study-Children With Diabetes 

Conclusion:  “The positive effect of a low-GI diet in children with type 1 diabetes was observed during ad libitum food consumption in home environments. A low-GI diet was associated with improved diet quality and decreased daytime hyperglycemia compared to children’s usual diets.”

2)  Pregnant Women:  Gestational Diabetes:  Children’s Hospital. Boston and Harvard Medical School:  Glycemic Load and Infant Birth Weight in Pregnant/Overweight/Obese Women.  David Ludwig, MD, Ph.D. (published AJCN October 20, 2010)

AJCN - Pregnancy Study

Conclusion:  Randomized trial finds low-glycemic diet with SoLo Bars helps prevent gestational diabetes, better maternal cardiovascular profile, longer gestational period, larger infant head circumference - suggestive of early brain development.

 “SoLo Bars demonstrate a profound decrease in postprandial glucose response making them a healthy snack alternative for people with diabetes and the population at large.” 

Tapan Basu, Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemist, Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta; former president of The World Clinical Nutrition Association.