Our Values

Our Mission

To promote a consumer shift to consider the blood sugar impact, as well as the nutritional content, when selecting a food or beverage, and to make it easy for people to adopt a healthy low GI lifestyle for life.

Our Values

We are committed to developing nutritious and delicious low glycemic snack bars that people can rely on.

We are committed to teaching people about the tremendous benefits of maintaining a balanced blood sugar level. 

We are committed to helping people introduce healthy habits into their daily routines, including exercise and nutrition. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.  It’s all about balance – the proper balance of high quality protein, slow release carbohydrates, healthy fats and dietary fibres. 

Today’s lifestyle is busy – and SoLo is committed to making it more simple.


SoLo is committed to environmental sustainability and the use of premium, natural, high quality ingredients from environmentally and socially responsible resources.   

SoLo strives to use non-GMO and organic ingredients whenever possible.  Many of the current ingredients in SoLo bars are non-GMO including the soy proteins, beet syrup and palm oil.  SoLo continues to work towards full non-GMO certification on the bars.

SoLo is committed to minimizing its footprint on Mother Earth.  That is why we source sustainable packaging for our bars from ethically responsible producers supporting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and maintaining a 15% renewable energy offset.