Our Team

We are a small, but mightly team of people, all dedicated to helping others live life to the fullest through sound nutrition. 

Saul Katz, Founder and CEO

Nickname: Professor

Other Job Duties: Brainstormer Extraordinaire

Favourite SoLo Bar: Pineapple Coconut

When Not At Work, Can Be Found: Thinking about life’s wonders and spending quality time with family

Best Known For: Singing “Willie Nelson” in the office

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

Current Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

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Dan Schmitt, Vice President, Sales

Nickname: Mona Lisa

Other Job Duties: Coordinator of All Things Sales Related, Professional Driver and Chauffeur

Favourite SoLo Bar: Lemon Lift

When Not At Work, Can Be Found: Golfing, watching golf, doing anything golf related, spending time at the cottage, at the gym, reading the Wall Street Journal

Best Known For: Having the nicest car in the SoLo clan, which is nicknamed the “Supersonic”

Hometown: Kitchener, Ontario

Current Location: Toronto, Ontario


Ioanna Wilde, Marketing Manager

Nickname: E

Other Job Duties: All things creative and customer experience related, ensuring SoLo is enjoyed in the homes of all busy families across Canada. 

Favourite SoLo Bar: It took a while to find a favourite.  She's narrowed it down to two. The Mocha Fudge pairs well with a black coffee on a busy morning, or the Peanut Caramel Sea Salt is a great afternoon indulgence and pick me up!

When Not At Work, Can Often Be Found: Glamping, travelling, enjoying the finer things in life, when not driving busy kids to sports or helping with homework that is.

Best Known For: Crazy hair! 

Hometown: Vernon, British Columbia

Current Location: Kelowna, British Columbia


Natasha DeSouza, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Nickname: Tizzle

Other Job Duties: Beautifier, Organizer, and Queen of all Things Event-Related

Favourite SoLo Bar: Dark Chocolate Almond

When Not At Work, Can Be Found: Whipping up a batch of body butter, or planning a new adventure

Best Known For: Keeping Chantel and Dan on track

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Current Location: Toronto, Ontario