Our Story

Where the story begins...

To appreciate SoLo, you need to meet our founder, Saul Katz.

"The true inspiration for SoLo Bar began the day I turned 40.  I was in my backyard thinking about my life’s legacy, as I always felt I was put on this earth to help humanity.  I looked up at the sky and asked the question:

What am I meant to do?  Green and yellow waves of light suddenly appeared, and I watched in awe as the Northern Lights danced above me.  It was a sign.

Soon after, I met Dr. Larry Wong from the University of Alberta who was developing a bar for the military and I thought, what if I could bring together the latest science in health and nutrition to “raise the bar” in the food industry by developing products to promote health, enhance performance and prevent disease?

Years of leading edge research and numerous scientific studies told me that the “spike, crash and crave cycle” intended by nature to help our ancestors survive, was addicting today’s society to high glycemic, blood sugar-spiking foods. This eating contributed to diabetes and obesity, and a pervasive lack of energy.

My life’s mission became crystal clear. I would promote a consumer shift to consider the blood sugar impact, as well as the nutritional content, when selecting a food or beverage, and make it easy for people to adopt a healthy low GI lifestyle, for life!"

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