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SoLo For Healthy Living

A better-for-you snack for people and families on-the-go, SoLo Bars are loved by people of all ages.  SoLo’s lower glycemic response provides sustained energy to keep you going for any activity the day throws at you.  From work to yoga class – SoLo keeps you fueled!  With 10 tasty flavours, SoLo Bars are a nutritious snack option with zero guilt.  Choose SoLo and feel confident that you will be satisfied until your next meal.

Keep your bag (and your glove box!) fully stocked - even kids love the great taste of SoLo Bar!

Feel good about what you feed your family. Send your kids off to after school activities with sustained energy to keep them in the game.  Not only do SoLo Bars provide essential nutrients and energy, they also taste great - kids of all ages love them!