Diet and Weight Management

Diet and Weight Management

Many people are unaware that maintaining stable blood sugar levels helps you to lose weight and keep it off for good.  Here are just some of the reasons why SoLo Bars can help you to shed some unwanted pounds and maintain the weight loss long term.

Reduced Cravings

SoLo Bar’s slow release carbs help to keep your blood sugar levels in a narrow range.  As a result, your body doesn't experience the "spike, crash and crave" cycle that you often feel after eating high glycemic foods and snacks.  This is important for anyone looking to maintain a healthy weight, as this cycle can be a dangerous thing for the waistline.

Here’s why.

The cravings felt shortly after consuming high glycemic foods are the result of your body's hormones, namely insulin, trying to balance out your blood sugar levels.  

When these swings take place, your body craves more food shortly after eating to get blood sugar levels back up after the “crash”, which often leads to overeating.  When big swings in blood sugar levels are reduced or eliminated, so are unwanted cravings.  And less cravings = reduced consumption of unwanted calories!  Speaking of calories - 190-200 calories per SoLo Bar helps keep your daily caloric count down, too.

SoLo Bars also contain Inulin, which is sourced from high quality chicory root, a prebiotic that helps to keep you feeling satisfied longer and also helps to build your immune system - a double win!

Slow Burning Carbs Provide Lasting Energy Helping You To Stay Active

SoLo Bar’s slow burning carbs, including brown rice syrup, fructose and honey, burn slower and take longer to digest in your body.  SoLo Bars also have a high protein (10-13g) and high fibre (3-4g) content.  When combined, SoLo Bar’s unique formula gives you the energy you need to get through that workout, run the extra mile, crest the next hilltop or play the extra end without running out of steam.

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels Help Keep Weight Off After You Lose It

Say goodbye to big swings in blood sugar, as well as your weight, when you choose low glycemic index carbs combined with slightly higher amounts of protein, like those found in SoLo Bar!   These were the findings of the Diet, Obesity, and Genes study or “Diogenes”, the World’s largest diet study. 

The “Diogenes” study, involving eight countries, was designed to discover which diet is best for preventing weight regain after weight loss. The researchers assigned participants to 4 types of diets with varying levels of protein and either high or low glycemic index carbohydrates. People began the study by losing 8% of their body weight and then were put on one of the four diets and followed those diets for 26 weeks. The diet that was most effective at preventing weight re-gain was the low-glycemic with slightly higher protein content (mix of carbs and protein in a 2:1 ratio). Participants on this diet not only kept the weight off during the six months of the study, but they also continued to lose weight afterwards. For more information on the Diogenes study, click here.

The results of the Diogene study are featured in the new book “World’s Best Diet” by leading Low GI guru and researcher Jenny Brand-Miller.  In the book, Brand-Miller explains why the low GI/higher protein diet works. Following a low carb diet may help you take off unwanted pounds in the short term, but slow carb (low GI) and protein will keep it off for life because of the satiating effect of protein. Also, consuming low-glycemic foods and sufficient protein helps to keep blood sugar levels in a narrow range, preventing the spike, crash and crave cycle that drives overeating and fat storage. The combination of a low glycemic index diet with more protein doesn’t fight biology: it works with it. To purchase a copy of Jennie Brand Miller’s “World’s Best Diet” book, click here

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