Blood Sugar Management

We're about to talk science, so get ready, because this is where we get a little nerdy! 

SoLo Bars were designed as a great tasting, nutrient-dense snack to help people manage their blood sugar.  Why?  Because science has proven that blood sugar management is key to sustaining energy, maintaining a healthy weight and preventing disease. 

Today’s busy lifestyle demands energy; primarily, energy in the form of convenience.  Unfortunately, the use of such products often worsens the “energy deficit” facing today’s busy lifestyle.

This is because the majority of energy products contain rapidly digested carbs that lead to the “spike, crash and crave” cycle.  This cycle causes your energy levels to go up and down throughout the day as your blood sugar levels change, creating mood swings as sugar and insulin battle against each other to stabilize your blood sugar level.

These spikes contribute not only to energy crashes, fat storage and obesity, but also can have direct negative impacts on our health. "Controlling spikes in blood glucose can have widespread health benefits, particularly for individuals with obesity and/or diabetes” says Dr. Jonathan Little, a researcher at the University of British Columbia, who studies blood glucose control.  For more information on how SoLo helps people with diabetes, click here.

The key to living a long and healthy life is to maintain a balanced blood sugar level.  Consume slow release carbohydrates, such as SoLo Bars, as part of a balanced diet to provide a slow and steady release of sugars into your blood stream, giving your body the energy it needs without the nasty side effects.

For a list of scientific studies using SoLo Bars, click here.