Become an Ambassador

Become a SoLo Energy Bar Ambassador

At SoLo, we are passionate about helping people achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. In doing so, we believe in the value of building relationships with athletes and health professionals to enhance our knowledge base for mutual benefit. SoLo Bars are based on a solid foundation of science, which continues behind the scenes, with ongoing scientific-based and fitness-targeted research and activities.

The word is quickly spreading throughout the sports and health community! SoLo Energy Bars are selling themselves through word-of-mouth, gaining traction and momentum for the following reasons:

  • ‘Controlled Energy Response’ Technology provides
    • Sustained energy
    • Enhanced performance
    • Consistent results
  • Endorsement by numerous elite athletes
  • Scientifically-validated low glycemic (23-35) by University Researchers
  • Balanced nutrition with all-natural ingredients
  • No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners
  • Slow release carbs, good fats, 10-13 grams of protein
  • Best tasting bars on the market

SoLo’s Ambassador Program was created specifically to assist athletes and healthful individuals to achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals. If you are a competitive athlete or registered health professional interested in becoming a SoLo Ambassador, please submit your proposal to

Please read through the requirements below to consider your willingness to commit to an ambassadorship before applying.

SoLo Ambassador Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What does being a SoLo Ambassador consist of?

  • Educating others about SoLo Bars and the benefits of a low GI lifestyle
  • Being an advocate for the brand and what it represents.
  • Helping to spread the word amongst friends, family, colleagues and fellow teammates via word of mouth and social media about SoLo Bar, the brand, our mission, and company initiatives taking place throughout the year.

Who is the ideal candidate for a SoLo Ambassador?

He/She is a someone who…

  • Enjoys the sustained energy benefits of SoLo Bars
  • Feels passionately about the SoLo brand and about a low GI lifestyle
  • Is active in their community
  • Is willing to share their SoLo Bars with friends and family
  • Willingness to promote contests and events before, throughout and after they take place
  • Has a blog, website or peer group he/she posts to or updates weekly
  • Is active on social media

Why be a SoLo Ambassador?

  • Discount on SoLo Bars
  • Have your blog/website highlighted by SoLo, to be seen by SoLo fans and other ambassadors
  • Promotion of your website on our social channels when you post

What does a SoLo Ambassador do?

  • Share photos on Social Media with you and your friends enjoying SoLo Bars
  • Tweet and post about SoLo Bar during/after events
  • Provide blog content on an as needed basis
  • Allow SoLo to feature or highlight you in our company newsletter and on their website

I submitted my application, what are the next steps?

Thank you for applying for an ambassadorship with SoLo. We will be reviewing applications as they come in and will contact those that have made it into the program. Best of luck!