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Happy Halloween

It's gross, it makes you squirm, its too sciency. We hear it all. But talking about blood, guts, brains and muscles isn't only for Halloween. 

We've got the scoop on the oowey gooey good stuff that keeps us running smoothly through the day.



Maintaining a healthy weight is all about keeping your muscles strong and your fat levels in check.  Eating low GI carbs that break down slowly helps keep your insulin levels in their “happy zone”, which encourages your body to break down unwanted fat instead of muscle.  This means the sugar in your blood gets used for energy, instead of “sticking to your bones” in all the wrong places!


Let’s talk about guts...because a happy gut is a healthy gut!  SoLo Bars contain inulin, a prebiotic fibre which acts like a fertilizer for the good bacteria that is already in your belly.  Inulin is also present in many foods we eat every day, such as asparagus, onions, garlic, and slightly green bananas.  No one wants to receive onions in their treat bag, so toss in a SoLo bar as a tummy-friendly treat for your neighbourhood trick-or-treaters!  A little side note – raw pumpkin seeds are high in protein and fibre, so add them to your fav meals to lower the glycemic load and keep insulin levels in check!


Just like vampires, we looooovveee talking about blood!  More specifically, how important blood sugar is to your health. Here’s a crash course on how it works!  As blood cruises through your veins at lightning fast speeds, the glucose goblins, which provide your body with energy, knock on the doors of all your little cells.  Your cells require two special keys to open their doors and let the goblins in – one of those keys being insulin!  If the insulin key doesn’t work properly and the doors don’t open and close at the right rate, your energy and hormone levels will fluctuate, and your body will have problems functioning properly.  So choose low GI carbs to keep the insulin keys by the door, and the vampires at bay!


Glucose, or blood sugar, is like the “soul food” of the brain!  That’s because many of your basic brain functions such as thinking, memory and learning are linked to blood sugar. If there isn’t enough glucose in your blood, your brain can’t communicate properly, which leads to poor attention span and cognitive function.  On the other hand, having nice and steady glucose levels helps you to focus, concentrate, and keep a sharp and steady mind.  Low GI = High IQ...I wonder if Einstein ate low glycemic carbs?