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Happy Family Day Canada


Family friendly activities to keep you moving, even when the weather might still be cold or wet.

Anyone that’s spent a day cooped up with kids knows that energy has to go somewhere.  Best not in the form of meltdowns and attitude!

So here is a list of our favourite things to do to battle the winter blues and bring on the smiles while getting our bodies moving.


  1. Swimming. Swimming is accessible to nearly everyone and often times community pools even have free family nights, or loonie days.


  1. Bowling. This may not seem like a highly active task, but in fact bowling can burn up to 180 calories in a 30 minute game.


  1. Skating. There are many indoor and outdoor rinks across Canada, that make skating a fun winter activity. If you can’t find an indoor rink, pull together the neighbourhood kids and start a pick-up game of street hockey.


  1. Hiking. This is a beautiful time of year to hike. With weather warming up and snow melting away, trails are more accessible, and the scenery breathtaking.


  1. Snowshoeing. If you’ve got a local ski hill nearby, or even just some great snowy trails, this fun family activity is a great energy burner.  Many hills offer rentals to make it easy to give it a try.


  1. Visit an Art Gallery or Science Centre. Although this won’t get your heart pumping, getting out of the house can be half the battle on cold and dreary days.


  1. Dance off! There’s a lot of options here. Pull out the “Just Dance” or simply crank the tunes and have a family throw down. This activity is sure to get some giggles.


  1. Sledding. Are you lucky enough to still have snow? You don’t need a fancy sled to have a little fun on a snowy hill.


  1. Fitness Apps. A quick google search for kid friendly fitness apps will leave you with so many to choose from. Sworkit Kids,  MotionMaze and Eat-And-Move-O-Matic are just a few that do everything from use exercise to get through mazes, to teaching you how many calories go in with your food and get burned with your activities. Most importantly, let’s be sure to join the kids!


  1. Scavenger Hunt. A winter scavenger hunt can be fun and gets you outside. If it’s still too cold, or getting wet in the rain isn’t your thing, organize a mall scavenger hunt. Break up into teams and send your troops off with a list and pencil to find things like a store that sells bathing suits, silly putty, or a pink tie!


Make the most of this upcoming weekend and plan at least one of these activities. Or share your favourite winter family activity below.  Oh, and don’t forget your SoLo bars!