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It is no surprise that students need balanced nutrition to give them the energy they need to stay focused and performing at their best all day long. Between regular classes, labs, exam preparation and extracurricular activities, finding a nutrient dense snack can be difficult, especially something convenient that can be eaten
on-the-run, in between classes or on the way to the gym.


That is why students who do their homework choose SoLo Bars.

Students love the delicious, award winning taste of SoLo Bars.  More importantly, they love the sustained energy benefit they feel from eating low glycemic, slow release carbohydrates like those found in SoLo. 


 “Nothing is more important for students’ success than a steady supply of energy helping them stay awake, alert and focused in the classroom all day long. That’s why I’m so pleased to recommend Solo GI™ Bars “Slooow Carb” Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars.  With a clinically validated low glycemic index, these delicious balanced nutrition bars are literally 20 years of world class scientific research, covered with chocolate and yogurt!”    

Dr. Hyla Cass, MD.  Psychiatrist, internationally acclaimed Integrative Medicine expert, and author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health”


So what is the difference?  Well, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Solo Bars are scientifically formulated and clinically proven to release carbohydrates into the blood stream slowly as nature intended, preventing the spike, crash and crave cycle that can result from a rapid rise in blood sugar. Solo Bars help to keep blood sugar levels in a normal range, which is important for cognitive and physical performance, and life-long health. This means you can stay focused during your entire class, instead trying to stay awake during the last half hour of lecture when the professor starts talking about all of the stuff you need to know for next week’s midterm!


Solo Bars are high in protein and fibre, meaning they leave you feeling full, longer. This is great when your classes are scheduled so close together that you don’t have time to grab something when running from one lecture to another.  Some people say they feel full up to three hours after eating a SoLo Bar! 


SoLo Bars are also certified gluten free by the Canadian Celiac Association, so even people with gluten sensitivities can enjoy the slow release benefits of SoLo. Have a friend with diabetes who has a hard time finding snack foods that don’t spike blood sugar?  Look no further.  SoLo Bars conform to the Canadian Diabetes Association Key Nutritional Guidelines, and have been used in third party scientific studies on children with diabetes.  This is also good news if you are a student with hyper or hypoglycemia, or simply have problems managing blood sugar levels.


Athletes also use SoLo Bars as a reliable source of energy to ensure they are always performing at their best.  Canadian Silver Olympic Ski Cross Medalist Kelsey Serwa took her SoLo Bars with her to Sochi, which helped fuel her podium finish when competing against the world’s best.


SoLo Bars do not contain harmful ingredients such as preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and they are trans-fat free.  The soy proteins are non-GMO, too!  Best of all – they are convenient.  Get up in the morning, throw a SoLo Bar or two into your backpack, and charge through your day – worry free!


Take the SoLo challenge - try one, and feel the difference of sustained energy!  Find out for yourself why Solo GI™ bars are the sensible snack on campus.


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