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Saul Katz, Champion of "Slow Carb Revolution" ranked among Top 100 Health Influencers

“It’s a great honor to be considered among Canada’s top health influencers. Much work needs to be done to slow the pace of obesity and diabetes worldwide. While the food industry is the biggest contributor to the problem, science has presented low glycemic nutrition as a key strategy to combat this global pandemic. Both insulin and the Glycemic Index were invented at the University of Toronto to help people manage their blood sugar. This prestigious award will help my efforts to bring the benefits of low glycemic consumption to the public,” says Katz.

SoLo, picks you up! Never lets you down.


2017 Alive Awards GOLD winner

SoLo wins GOLD again!

New Era Press Release: March 11 2017

New Era Nutrition Issues Voluntary Product Recall on

SoLo GI® Lemon Lift, Pineapple Coconut and White Chocolate Cherry Energy Bars

SoLo GI Energy Bar Receives Gold Award and BC Ministry Small Business Feature Following the Release of Two New Flavours

B.C. company raising the bar in the food industry

“SoLo GI is focused on improving people’s lives, and with the help of provincial programs to grow the business, we are able to provide a quality product for people in British Columbia, across Canada and soon in the United States as well.” Saul Katz

Summer Nutrition To Go: How To Fuel Up For Fitness, From Family Bike Rides To Fun Runs

RD Diana Steele reveals that Slow-Carb Snacks from Berries with Yogurt to Low Glycemic Bars are the Key to Sustained Energy

Toronto, Canada (May 6, 2015) – With spring’s arrival comes outdoor activities for the entire family and, if you’re not mindful, the dreaded post-exercise crash and burn. If you or your kids don’t have enough energy to reach the finish line or you just don’t feel great after a workout, chances are, you’re not eating right. To help Canadians eat right for physical activity, Registered Dietitian (RD) Diana Steele, solves 3 common sports nutrition mistakes and provides easy summer nutrition ideas for tasty carb-rich foods so you can finish strong.

Just like you plan your workout, plan what you are going to eat before, drink during and eat afterwards to ensure you have enough endurance and get the right recovery.

Don't Get "Hangry", Fill Your Belly And Fuel Your Brain With The Ultimate 3PM Slump Solution

– Dietitian’s Favourite Snacks from a Latte to Better-for-you Energy Bars –

Toronto, Canada (February 16, 2015) – It’s 3pm, your at your desk and hours from dinner, what will you snack on so you don’t get “hangry” or overeat later in the day? In celebration of Nutrition Month’s 9am -5pm theme (this March) nutrition experts provide their take on the biggest afternoon snacking mistakes and tasty solutions.

By 3pm, it’s time to satisfy a craving or hunger pain, but many fail to satisfy those feelings that will also provide brainpower, productivity and sustained energy required to get through the rest of the workday and home for dinner.

“When you begin to get “hangry,” a piece of fruit or high fibre cookie won’t cut it,” says Registered Dietitian Abbey Sharp.  “To nourish both your body and brain, the secret is to plan ahead by keeping convenient snacks on hand that combine the hunger crushing combination of protein and slow burning carbs but that still tastes delicious enough to satisfy your sweet or salty cravings.”

SoLo GI Spikes Your Taste Buds, Not Your Blood Sugar

SoLo Gi® Spikes Your Taste Buds, Not Your Blood Sugar
Eat to Beat Diabetes: Revolutionary Recipe Pushes Sugar Debate From No Carbs to Slow Carbs

Toronto, Canada (October 9, 2014) – SoLo Gi® Nutrition raises the bar for National Diabetes Awareness Month (November) with their healthy low glycemic energy bar that not only tastes great, but is safe and beneficial for people with diabetes. Complying with the nutritional recommendations of the Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA), SoLo Gi Energy and Nutrition Bars prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes by keeping blood glucose levels in the “happy zone.” This delicious, clinically validated low glycemic energy bar is one that people with diabetes can rely upon to help manage their blood sugar and sustain their energy throughout the day.

The pervasiveness of rapidly digested refined carbohydrates in our food supply is driving the interlinked epidemics of obesity and diabetes. The quality of the carbohydrate, as well as the amount consumed should be considered to help individuals living with diabetes control their glycemic (blood sugar) levels.

Spring Has Arrived: Time to Introduce Canadians to SoLo Gi® Energy Bars: Slow Carbs Providing Energy That Sustains

The bar on a mission, SoLo Gi® is improving the lives of Canadians one bite at a time with its healthy benefits and candy bar taste

Sochi Olympian Kelsey Serwa chooses SoLo Gi as her go to snack for long lasting energy  

Toronto, Canada (April 22, 2014) – Spring has arrived and everyone is back outdoors and on the move.  Schedules and activities change, as do food attitudes, leaving people more conscious about their dietary choices, both for overall positive physical health as well as weight loss.

SoLo Gi® Nutrition ( is excited to announce their line of gluten-free, low glycemic (low GI), sustainable energy bars for active Canadians looking for that perfect between meal snack loaded with nutritional value and exceptional taste! Providing “a new kind of energy, a new kind of bar”, SoLo Gi was the first to be officially certified in Canada with low GI levels resulting in the perfect solution to eliminate the ‘Spike, Crash and Crave Cycle’.