Could Carbs Be Sabotaging Your Athletic Performance?

Athletes and high-carb diets have gone together like sneakers and shoelaces since most of us can remember. But is all that hype really necessary? The truth is, many athletes are beginning to look at carbs in a new light. While they certainly play an essential role in training, scientists have discovered that they may have gotten the key to continuous and sustained energy all wrong.

Here's what Top Performers Actually Eat Before a Workout

Those who train know the importance of eating the right foods for the ultimate workout performance. Whether you’re hoping to run a faster mile or reach for a heavier weight, clean eating is almost always top of mind. That’s why a recipe for success includes following a diet low on the glycemic index (GI).

Understanding the glycemic index for sustained energy

Long winter days call for energy that endures. While the glycemic index may sound a bit complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to understand once you know what types of foods on the high side and which ones are low.

Should you pay attention to the glycemic index for better fitness?

When it comes to sustained energy, science suggests that everyone from weekend warriors that hit the gym to marathon runners pay close attention to the types of carbs they are eating. Understanding how the carbs fall on the glycemic index is key. If you’re a little foggy about what that means, it’s okay, you’re not alone. Those who have heard of the glycemic index may have only understood it to be helpful in keeping diabetes under control. But understanding the glycemic index can certainly help throughout your fitness training too.

Saul Katz, Champion of "Slow Carb Revolution" ranked among Top 100 Health Influencers

“It’s a great honor to be considered among Canada’s top health influencers. Much work needs to be done to slow the pace of obesity and diabetes worldwide. While the food industry is the biggest contributor to the problem, science has presented low glycemic nutrition as a key strategy to combat this global pandemic. Both insulin and the Glycemic Index were invented at the University of Toronto to help people manage their blood sugar. This prestigious award will help my efforts to bring the benefits of low glycemic consumption to the public,” says Katz.

Quality over Quantity for Injury Prevention

So, you’re a runner now!! Hopefully you have come to this point healthy, without any major injuries. But for many runners, injuries are common, and often part of the game when trying to figure out what type of running regime works for you (i.e. how much, how intense, how often). I’ll share a personal story with you. I have had to change my training completely after being diagnosed a year ago with a bone disorder that leads me prone to fractures (I have had 18!). I was initially told that I could never run again, but after a year off, I have been able to gradually, at the advice of my doctor, include running into my routine again (yay!).

Signing Up for Your First Race

You made it! You are ready to enter your first official 5 km race! How exciting is it that you have reached this point through your hard work and diligent training! It will be very easy to get caught up in having a goal time or a goal placing. You also may have many friends that have known about your training ask you what time you think you might finish your 5K in, or if you’re “going to win”! They mean well, but… Ignore them, ha ha! Please make your first race about completion, and having fun. We can worry about times later. Your first race is about establishing a baseline to work from.

Goal Setting!

Now that we have the right shoes and gear, and have a great handle on our pre- and post-run nutrition, let’s talk about how to get from a 5km walk to a 5km jog/run without injury!  Nothing is more rewarding than having a tangible goal to strive towards. With some dedication and hard work, I am confident that completing a 5km is in your future! It may seem daunting at first, but with a well-thought out plan, anything is possible.

Learn to Run - The Importance of Nutrition

In this "Learn to Run" blog series, Coach Delilah will teach us how to get off the couch and out onto the trails!

What's Your SoLo Flavour?

What's Your SoLo Flavour?

Follow the flowchart to figure out your favourite SoLo flavour.

Learn to Run - The Basics!

In this "Learn to Run" blog series, Coach Delilah will teach us how to get off the couch and out onto the trails!

SoLo, picks you up! Never lets you down.


Happy Halloween

It's gross, it makes you squirm, its too sciency. We hear it all. But talking about blood, guts, brains and muscles isn't only for Halloween. 

We've got the scoop on the oowey gooey good stuff that keeps us running smoothly through the day.

Kelsey's Wacky Workout Wednesday

Wacky Workout Wednesday... at the office.


2017 Alive Awards GOLD winner

SoLo wins GOLD again!

The Power of a Mentor

It is important to stress that being a mentor does not mean that you haven’t made mistakes or wrong decisions in your own journey; rather, it is using what you have learned from these experiences and applying them to your mentoring of others that is key. 

Six Awesome Reasons

A high quality energy bar will provide you with a sustained form of energy that will not spike your glucose. When you consume a treat that’s high in sugar, like apple pie, your body gets a rush of energy. That energy, however, is burnt off quickly, leaving your body scrambling for its next energy source.

High protein-low GI recipes

High Protein-Low Gi meals help fill you up and keep you satisfied without crashing and craving. 

Here's a few of our fav's that you're sure to love. 

High Protein Berry Smoothie
Sweet Potato and Apple Soup
Asian Salmon and Brocoli Bake


Food For Thought

 “Nothing is more important for students’ success than a steady supply of energy helping them stay awake, alert and focused in the classroom all day long. That’s why I’m so pleased to recommend Solo GI™ Bars “Slooow Carb” Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars.  With a clinically validated low glycemic index, these delicious balanced nutrition bars are literally 20 years of world class scientific research, covered with chocolate and yogurt!”    

Dr. Hyla Cass, MD.  Psychiatrist, internationally acclaimed Integrative Medicine expert, and author of “8 Weeks to Vibrant Health”

Appalachian Trail

SoLo Ambassadors Alex and Amanada have hit the Appalachian Trail. 

"Hello Friends! Our names are Alex and Amanda and we are out to rediscover life. Follow us and let's take this spiritual journey together!"

Heart Health

February is Heart Health Month!  

Running to End Poverty

While this event is a massive personal undertaking for Brandy, she keeps her focus by remembering why she's doing it. 

“I think about everyone I met in Haiti, and each of their smiling faces, every single day.” 

Happy Family Day Canada

here is a list of our favourite things to do to battle the winter blues and bring on the smiles while getting moving.




Winter Activities to Enjoy in Canada

Short on things to do in Canada this winter? Winter can be a tough time of the year, it’s sometimes much easier and more appealing to just hunker down in the warmth of home, but pushing yourself to try something new is a great way to stay sane in these long winter months. We hope this list inspires you to get outdoors, learn to embrace the cold and have some fun!

Top 100 Canadian Health and Wellness Influencers

We are excited to present our Chairman and Founder Saul Katz - as featured in the inaugural Optimyz Magazine Top 100 Canadian Health and Wellness Influencers.  Saul founded SoLo Gi Energy Bars based on functional food research and development in the area of blood sugar management, but didn’t stop at function. Saul knew that in order to bring a healthy low Gi product to the mainstream, it also has to taste great, and we think he knocked it out of the park!  See the full list of influencers here.

Beat the Winter Blues

With the holiday season behind us and thoughts of New Year’s resolutions looming over our heads, it is no surprise January is the month where people often begin to suffer from a case of the “winter blues”.  It is understandable – especially for us Canadians - as the lack of sunlight and colder temperatures make us even more susceptible to emotional struggles this time of year.

New Year, New You Giveaway

SoLo Energy Bars, along with its co-sponsors The Running Room, Canadian Running Magazine, GNC, and GoodLife Fitness want to help you meet those New Year health resolutions with 10 days of giveaways!

Remedies for Your Post-Holiday Hangover

With the Holidays and the count down to New Year’s well under way, there’s no doubt our livers will take as much of a beating as our wallets as we continue to get into the festive spirit.

Low GI Holiday Cookies!

Holiday cookie exchanges, snacks in the office lunchroom, parties with food everywhere… cookies are everywhere this time of year!

Our yummy SoLo bars are just one part of a healthy way of life. When you have to combat the COOKIE SEASON don’t dismay - there are better-for-you options!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Get Inspired by two athletes who don’t let living with diabetes get in their way of success.

In the spirit of Diabetes Awareness Month, we are honoured to introduce you to Dr. Delilah Topic and Kevin Kellerman, two inspiring athletes who don’t let living with diabetes get in their way of success.  These two athletes live, train and compete while managing their diabetes with low glycemic nutrition, and are a perfect example of why we love what we do here at SoLo!  

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Low Glycemic Harvest Corn Soup Recipe

Posted on October 3rd, 2016 by Natasha D in Blog

Corn Soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods – I love it and it's much easier than you think to make. With fall among us, fresh vegetables are in abundance - Paired with some potatoes, and peppers to make a delicious and nutrient packed soup the entire family will love.

Low Glycemic Lunchbox Ideas

Posted on August 29th, 2016 by Natasha D in Blog

Back to school means back to making lunches. Packing a school lunch that is low on the glycemic index (GI) helps maintain steady blood sugar levels, allowing energy for the rest of the school day.

Gluten-Free BBQ Ideas

Posted on August 19th, 2016 by Natasha D in Blog

Who said gluten-free was boring… here are some inspiring BBQ ideas to keep the season’s menu exciting for everyone.

Backpack Friendly Snacks for Summer

Posted on July 29th, 2016 by Natasha D in Blog

Let’s spend too much time outside this summer, discovering new activities with endless adventure!  When spending time outside, I find our family literally never stops moving.  To ensure we have the right foods to refuel our bodies and keep playing, we always prepare some backpack friendly snacks before heading out the door for a day of adventure. These classic snacks are fun to eat kid favourites’ that are easy to pack in bags and lunch boxes.

SoLo Bites

Posted on June 30th, 2016 by Chantel P in Blog

SoLo Bites = your new best snacking friend!

Switching up your Long Weekend Routine

Posted on May 18th, 2016 by Feature Blog in Blog

My mountain addiction is relatively new...

Let's start at the beginning as a competitive cross-country skier. My summer training consisted of running, roller skiing, and lifting weights, while winter training was primarily cross-country skiing. I moved to Canmore, Alberta, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies once finished my university degree and retired from racing. Admittedly, the transition from being a student/athlete to a full-time worker/adult was hard for me. The mountains helped me to reconnect with sports, rediscover my passion for testing physical and mental limits, as well as gave me motivation to get outside. 

Here are some tips for falling in love with hiking (as I did) or any new activity!

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Posted on May 4th, 2016 by Chantel P in Blog

Here are some great gift ideas to show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day weekend, without breaking the bank.

A 3 Step Beginner’s Guide to Running this Spring

Posted on April 29th, 2016 by Natasha D in Blog

Getting back into the running groove doesn’t always happen as quickly or easily as we'd like it to.

Cocoa Peanut Butter Balls

Who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter together?  With only four ingredients, these delicious low GI treats are quick and easy to make and will be gobbled up in no time.  Add coconut or hemp seeds for a little variation and added nutritional benefits!

SoLo Energy Bars Provide Long Lasting Energy to Help Power the Toronto Blue Jays To Their First Post-Season in 22 Years!

Hear from Chris Joyner, Toronto Blue Jays Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, about how SoLo Energy Bars help power the Toronto Blue Jays through the 2015 post-season.

Grazing Like Adam and Eve - How Today's Lifestyle Works Against our Ancient Body Design

Posted on July 22nd, 2015 by Saul Katz in Blog

The Garden of Eden Diet

Don't Get "Hangry", Fill Your Belly And Fuel Your Brain With The Ultimate 3PM Slump Solution

– Dietitian’s Favourite Snacks from a Latte to Better-for-you Energy Bars –

Toronto, Canada (February 16, 2015) – It’s 3pm, your at your desk and hours from dinner, what will you snack on so you don’t get “hangry” or overeat later in the day? In celebration of Nutrition Month’s 9am -5pm theme (this March) nutrition experts provide their take on the biggest afternoon snacking mistakes and tasty solutions.

By 3pm, it’s time to satisfy a craving or hunger pain, but many fail to satisfy those feelings that will also provide brainpower, productivity and sustained energy required to get through the rest of the workday and home for dinner.

“When you begin to get “hangry,” a piece of fruit or high fibre cookie won’t cut it,” says Registered Dietitian Abbey Sharp.  “To nourish both your body and brain, the secret is to plan ahead by keeping convenient snacks on hand that combine the hunger crushing combination of protein and slow burning carbs but that still tastes delicious enough to satisfy your sweet or salty cravings.”

Harvard's Holiday Gift

Slow-carb diet for less cravings and more energy

In the December issue of Harvard Health Review, researchers note it’s “not fat” that you should be worried about while you fill your party plate this holiday season — the real Grinch are the high-glycemic (high-GI), refined carbs.

The best news is that you don’t have to sacrifice tasty bites and scrumptious meals during the holidays. When faced with carb options, go for low-glycemic (low-GI) foods to slow down the rate that carbs are converted into blood sugar or glucose.

Dr. David Jenkins at the University of Toronto developed the Glycemic Index to differentiate high glycemic, fast-releasing carbs (“gushers”) from low glycemic, slow-releasing carbs (“tricklers”).