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Understanding the glycemic index for sustained energy

Long winter days call for energy that endures. While the glycemic index may sound a bit complicated, it’s actually pretty easy to understand once you know what types of foods on the high side and which ones are low.

Should you pay attention to the glycemic index for better fitness?

When it comes to sustained energy, science suggests that everyone from weekend warriors that hit the gym to marathon runners pay close attention to the types of carbs they are eating. Understanding how the carbs fall on the glycemic index is key. If you’re a little foggy about what that means, it’s okay, you’re not alone. Those who have heard of the glycemic index may have only understood it to be helpful in keeping diabetes under control. But understanding the glycemic index can certainly help throughout your fitness training too.

Saul Katz, Champion of "Slow Carb Revolution" ranked among Top 100 Health Influencers

“It’s a great honor to be considered among Canada’s top health influencers. Much work needs to be done to slow the pace of obesity and diabetes worldwide. While the food industry is the biggest contributor to the problem, science has presented low glycemic nutrition as a key strategy to combat this global pandemic. Both insulin and the Glycemic Index were invented at the University of Toronto to help people manage their blood sugar. This prestigious award will help my efforts to bring the benefits of low glycemic consumption to the public,” says Katz.