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Quality over Quantity for Injury Prevention

So, you’re a runner now!! Hopefully you have come to this point healthy, without any major injuries. But for many runners, injuries are common, and often part of the game when trying to figure out what type of running regime works for you (i.e. how much, how intense, how often). I’ll share a personal story with you. I have had to change my training completely after being diagnosed a year ago with a bone disorder that leads me prone to fractures (I have had 18!). I was initially told that I could never run again, but after a year off, I have been able to gradually, at the advice of my doctor, include running into my routine again (yay!).

Signing Up for Your First Race

You made it! You are ready to enter your first official 5 km race! How exciting is it that you have reached this point through your hard work and diligent training! It will be very easy to get caught up in having a goal time or a goal placing. You also may have many friends that have known about your training ask you what time you think you might finish your 5K in, or if you’re “going to win”! They mean well, but… Ignore them, ha ha! Please make your first race about completion, and having fun. We can worry about times later. Your first race is about establishing a baseline to work from.

Goal Setting!

Now that we have the right shoes and gear, and have a great handle on our pre- and post-run nutrition, let’s talk about how to get from a 5km walk to a 5km jog/run without injury!  Nothing is more rewarding than having a tangible goal to strive towards. With some dedication and hard work, I am confident that completing a 5km is in your future! It may seem daunting at first, but with a well-thought out plan, anything is possible.