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Spring Has Arrived: Time to Introduce Canadians to SoLo Gi® Energy Bars: Slow Carbs Providing Energy That Sustains

The bar on a mission, SoLo Gi® is improving the lives of Canadians one bite at a time with its healthy benefits and candy bar taste

Sochi Olympian Kelsey Serwa chooses SoLo Gi as her go to snack for long lasting energy  

Toronto, Canada (April 22, 2014) – Spring has arrived and everyone is back outdoors and on the move.  Schedules and activities change, as do food attitudes, leaving people more conscious about their dietary choices, both for overall positive physical health as well as weight loss.

SoLo Gi® Nutrition (www.soloenergybar.ca) is excited to announce their line of gluten-free, low glycemic (low GI), sustainable energy bars for active Canadians looking for that perfect between meal snack loaded with nutritional value and exceptional taste! Providing “a new kind of energy, a new kind of bar”, SoLo Gi was the first to be officially certified in Canada with low GI levels resulting in the perfect solution to eliminate the ‘Spike, Crash and Crave Cycle’.