Samantha Taibi

Birth Date
January 16, 1990
Hamilton, ON
Training Group/Club
Peak Trilogy Performance

Notable Events

Launching my coaching business in 2018: Peak Trilogy Performance

Early Memory

Receiving Athlete of the Year at my grade 8 graduation which was a really proud moment as my dad received the same award in grade 8 at the same school.

On Your Playlist

Prince- Cream

Current/Best Read

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero & Awaken the Giant Within-Tony Robbins

Words To Live By

Happiness is the new rich, Inner Peace is the new success, Health is the new
wealth and Kindness is the new cool!


My name is Samantha Taibi, but I go by Sam or Sammi. I am an ambitious, confident, kind, outgoing and
positive spirit that was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Since I was a little girl sports have
always been a love of mine, from soccer to gymnastics, track & field, volleyball, dodgeball- the list
goes on! In grade 11, my passion for health and fitness really began to elevate when Fitness class
was introduced into my life and so my journey with strength training began. Fast forward to
January of last year, 2017, my reason for maintaining an active lifestyle took on a whole new level.
It became clear to me that my purpose on this Earth is to help every person I can become
the best version of themselves through health and fitness. I began utilizing social media as an
excellent tool to help motivate others by providing workout routines, tips and inspirational
messages. Through this, I started personal training and hosting boot camp classes at a local gym
and from there I decided to take action by launching my own coaching business, Peak Trilogy
Performance. I am a firm believer in continual personal growth. I practice yoga, meditation, read
personal development books, listen to podcasts, enjoy hiking and always open to new
opportunities and adventures when they arise!