Valérie Gagné

Birth Date
September 30, 1992
Impossible2Possible (i2P) and Fast and Female
Ultra Marathons

Notable Events

In May 2014, I ran an average of a marathon a day for 6 consecutive days in the Atacama Desert with impossible2Possible (i2P) in the hopes of educating, inspiring and empowering students from across the globe to make a positive change in the world. 

Last May, I competed in the USATF 50mile trail National championships, finishing in 10h49min and placing 16th female in a very competitive field of athletes. 


Early Memory

Every morning, my mom would drive my sisters and I to school, but before getting in the car, we would run the 500m of our private dirt road, dressed in our skirts and blouses, while Shania Twain was blasting on the radio. I think this is where I got my passion for trail running.

On Your Playlist

I don’t always listen to music, especially when on the trails. When I do listen to music, its either Ed Sheeran or Eminem, depending on my mood. 

Current/Best Read

Born tu run by Christopher McDougall. It gives me so much insight on the world of ultra running. 

Words To Live By

"We are all capable of the extraordinary in our lives"  Ray Zahab 


My name is Valérie Gagné, I am from Montreal and I run ultra marathons