Mayling Lee

Birth Date
November 30, -0001
Years Practicing
Burnaby, BC
I am currently fundraising as part of the upcoming Eastside 10K, which raises money for local charities like the Food Bank and Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter.

Notable Events

2nd Place for VanRace 30k in August 2016

Early Memory

I was always a tomboy growing up and I would have to sit outside the principal’s office for climbing all the trees in the schoolyard.

On Your Playlist

Anything Eminem

Current/Best Read

“Open” by Andre Agassi. I used to play tennis, and I still love the game. I also love autobiographies.

Words To Live By

“We all have 2 lives; the first one begins when we realize we have just one”


Hi! I am best known as the “I heart running girl” on Instagram, and as my username suggests, I have a deep passion for running.  Growing up I was never an “athlete”, but I have an addiction to the outdoors.  I took up running 2 years ago just to see how it was, and I fell in love.  My first race was the Eastside 10K back in September of 2016, and since then I have run 8 half marathons, a 30k race, and I am training for my first marathon in Honolulu this December.  I run with North Burnaby Runners, which is a social running group in my home town, but I am also part of the West Van Run Team and an active member of the running community here in the Lower Mainland.  I have had the opportunity to model for some marketing campaigns showcasing running in our beautiful city, and it is truly exciting to contribute more to something I am passionate about!