Remi Leroux

Birth Date
July 7, 2017
Years Practicing
Montreal, Quebec
Montreal, Quebec

Notable Events

1st place 2017 Wakefield Covered Bridge Half Marathon
1st place 2016 Oka Half Marathon
2nd place 2017 Longueuil Marathon

Early Memory

I remember watching my older brother running a 3 kilometer cross-country race during elementary school and thinking: ‘How can someone run for so long?

On Your Playlist

Satellite’ by Guster, ‘Light My Fire’ by the Doors

Current/Best Read

All Harry Potter novels, ‘Open: An Autobiography of Andre Agassi’, and currently ‘Born to Run’


Words To Live By

Learn from yesterday’s mistakes to improve tomorrow.


My name is Remi Leroux and I am a 20 year old long distance runner born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. I was a competitive tennis player until my seventeenth birthday where I decided to pursue my passion for tennis in coaching. In the summer of 2016, I decided to run a local 5k race with my family just for fun. Once the starting gun went off, the competitive side of me came out and I raced as hard as I could, finishing 3rd overall. I really enjoyed my first racing experience and immediately decided to challenge myself to run my first marathon, the Montreal marathon which took place later that summer. From that point on, I was completely addicted to the feeling of freedom and accomplishment running procured me. I have always enjoyed the physical and mental challenges in longer distances, which is why I currently specialize in marathons, and am looking forward to race ultras in the future.