Kierra Smith

Birth Date
February 1, 1994
Years Practicing
Kelowna, BC
100 and 200-meter Breaststroke

Notable Events

100 and 200-meter Breaststroke

Early Memory

My favourite early swimming memory is when I was invited to my first swim morning practice with the older group.   I was 11 years old and my mom said I was too young to go.  In the morning my dad surprised me and woke me up. We snuck out of the house and I got to swim with the older kids.  When we got home my mom was happy because she saw that I was pushing myself and it wasn’t an outside pressure.  I was in love with the sport early on, I wanted to swim as much as I could!

On Your Playlist

Anything Drake! <3

Despacito – Justin Bieber

Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani

Current/Best Read

My Fight / Your Fight – Ronda Rousey

Words To Live By

The comeback is always stronger than the setback