Mark Topacio

Birth Date
May 9, 1979
Years Practicing
Manila, Philippines
Vancouver, BC

Notable Events

WestVanRun Summer 5K & Ambliside Mile
ScotiaBank Half Marathon

Canada Day 5K
JackandJill Marathon
Skagit Flats Marathon
Eastside 10K

Early Memory

Running is my meditation

On Your Playlist

Mix genre (depends on my mood)

Current/Best Read

Born to Run and The Illegal

Words To Live By

Don’t think, Just Run!


I started to run back in the Philippines to get a scholarship for high school and college and to help my mom by relieving her from my school tuition fees. After college I moved to Vancouver and started a family.  I started running for personal reasons; I had become overweight (240lbs) and couldn't keep up with my daughter's energy, this inspired me to get back in shape. In 2014 I ran my first race the Modo 8k amd after that I just kept racing event after event.  I wanted to display for my daughter loyalty, consistency and health and well being while feeding my passion for the sport I love.