Jenna Sherrington

Birth Date
February 16, 2002
Years Practicing

Notable Events

This year, at the 2017 Canadian Biathlon Championships, I placed consistently in the top two, receiving 1st in the pursuit and 2nd in the relay, sprint and individual. 


Early Memory

My earliest memory of skiing is from when I was probably 2 years old; my entire family was going out to our cabin for New Years and we made it maybe halfway before we realized that it had snowed way too much to continue to drive. So we decided to ski the rest of the way there. We loaded up the toboggans and put on our warmest clothes. I remember my mom strapping the tiniest skis onto my winter boots, handing me a pair of poles and giving me a little nudge of encouragement. And then I was sliding down the road, laughing, falling over, standing back up and continuing that pattern for most of the way. It was magical, my grandma had to coax me up hills with the promise of cookies and the silence the snow brought to the forest, still gives me shivers.

On Your Playlist

The National Parks, Andrew Simple and Kaleo are at the top of my playlist. My favourite song ever is Welcome Home by Radical Face.

Current/Best Read

Harry Potter

Words To Live By

 “Get amongst it”

Get amongst it is a kiwi phrase, which vaguely translates to ‘just do it’. I love these words because it reminds me to truly live everyday with passion, adventure and become immersed in whatever I’m doing.


I am a 15-year-old biathlete from Calgary, Alberta. I started biathlon when I was nine years old. At that point I had been a member of Foothills Nordic Ski Club for 2 years, but as a cross-country athlete. Then I discovered biathlon and I was hooked! Although biathlon is very important to me, I have tons of other hobbies and interests, such as hiking, mountain and road biking, climbing, downhill skiing, yoga, running, camping and essentially anything in the outdoors. I am a very happy-go-lucky person; that being said, I’m not afraid of hard work and dedication.