Pascale Paradis

Birth Date
March 4, 2002
Years Practicing

Notable Events

Last year I competed at the Canadian Biathlon Champion ships and got 1st three times and this year I competed in France at the France national Championships and got 2nd for both days in the individual race and pursuit race.

Early Memory

One of my earliest memories in my years of cross country skiing was going to the “Cookie Race” and being super excited because it was one of my first races ever. I remember chasing down the bunny, who was leading all the kids in the race and in the end I got 1st and I won a trophy. It was such a special moment for me because it was one of my first races even though it was only one kilometer, but I was with friends and family and it felt like such an accomplishment. 

You should know I am also into mountain biking, road biking, hiking, camping and pretty much anything in the outdoors.

On Your Playlist

On my playlist I listen to a variety of different kinds of music such as some, Ed Sheeran songs, sometimes I like to listen to some older rock music like Journey and sometimes some of the older Taylor swift songs.

Current/Best Read

The Book Thief is definitely on the top of my list for best reads as well as The Help.

Words To Live By

Life is one big adventure, embrace it.