Jeff Leveillee

Birth Date
January 11, 1982
Years Practicing
Quebec City

Notable Events

Make it to the most prestigious golf course in Quebec city.

Early Memory

I remember hitting my first tee shot and having the sting inside, this is where it all started.

On Your Playlist

Green Day ( All of them ), The Ramones

Words To Live By

 Learn something new everyday, this is how you’re gonna get better and a better person.


I am an assistant professional golfer and a graphic/web designer. I grew up in Quebec city, Canada where I still live and feed my passions. I started golf at 18 years old at the smallest golf course in my area where a friend brought me and had to make sure i was gonna show up. I can’t thank him enough today for that because this is my main job now. I grew up in a rough neighbourhood, at the time golf was not in my state of mind. Never thought i was gonna make it to that point. I’m also a graphic/web designer and for a long time i was wondering why these opposites was suiting me so well until one day i realized that both of them was on the creative side. Whether i need to create the perfect shot to reach the pin with what mother nature is dictating or managing all the elements to create the greatest design for a client, i need to create, and this is why i wake up everyday.