Andre Francois Gagnon

Birth Date
March 17, 2000
Years Practicing
Saskatoon, SK

Notable Events

Prairie Gran Fondo, Saskatchewan Provincial Road Race and Time Trial, North West Rapha Junior Stage Race in Olympia, Washington. Time Trials, Crits and Gran Fondos.

Early Memory

At age 3, I insisted that my parents take the training wheels off my bike so I could keep up with my 5-year-old friend. I remember loving the feeling of speed and freedom. The training wheels never went back on.

On Your Playlist

Happy, Upbeat music.

Current/Best Read

The Little Prince.

Words To Live By

Do not survive life, Live it.


My name is Andre Gagnon and I am an athlete specializing in Road Cycling from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Road Cycling is a multi-dimensional sport that is a good fit for my diverse athletic interests. It provides the challenge I need to stay focused while enabling me to build upon the mental and physical skills I attain as a committed and life-long athlete.

Last summer, my uncle gave me a heavy steel road bike and said, “Go knock yourself out!” This gift enabled me to discover a new passion and a year later, I was competing in a 115km race on that same bike!
The great thing about cycling is that it combines health related fitness with skill related fitness – It challenges me to get better.

The key to success in road cycling is to be open minded, adventurous and optimistic.