Myles Matilla

Birth Date
April 19, 1999
Years Practicing

Notable Events

Game Winner - 1st place in the 2012/2013 Provincials.

Early Memory

My mom and dad bringing me to the hock rink.

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Current/Best Read

All the Way by Jordin Too Too

Words To Live By

You're not alone


At a young age, Myles Mattila discovered entrepreneurialism and quickly began to embody the key attributes and characteristics, by taking initiative, risks and generating hope. In his youth, Myles worked excessively with mental health advocacy, by founding in Prince George and spearheading a mental health summit. This self-developed wellness program is intended on educating individuals about their own mental health and the health of others, through resources and connections to community services. Despite facing rejection, Myles adapts to the rugged terrain he faces in this field of community work and continually pursues reduced stigma associated with mental Ilness. Other projects that Myles is strongly involved in are and Foundry BC/Foundry Kelowna. These projects work to transform the way mental health is perceived and to integrate youth into these efforts. Beyond these primary focus projects, Myles has also continually participated in fundraising efforts and campaigns associated with mental health advocacy and programs. These projects and achievements have not only developed Myles' community, but have set a standard for growth of awareness and reduced stigma at a national level. Such can be said as Myles has been recognized by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his efforts in mental health advocacy, become a finalist for the Young Male Volunteer of the Year Award in Kelowna, earned the 2017 Chair of the Board Award for being Humanitarian of the Year from BC Hockey, and achieved the Prince George Secondary School Citizenship Award of 2017. These accomplishments not only speak to his audacity but also his compassion, through his consistent efforts in generating community programs in a field that holds such strong negative stigma. After graduating from Prince George Secondary School with Honours, Myles began a Business degree at Okanagan College, which he intends on completing in Europe. In achieving such educational goals, Myles was supported by seven community and entrepreneurial based scholarships, including the Dillon Thomas Budd Scholarship and Trevor Linden Community Spirit Scholarship. Following the completion of his Business degree, Myles intends on continuing his education at UBC to become a lawyer. Fluent in English and French, these efforts will continue as he flourishes his initiatives to raise awareness for mental health and community togetherness. Today, Myles continues to retain the entrepreneurial spirit by embracing educational initiatives, supporting mental health advocacy, engaging in non-profit and business develop and through his role as a player in junior hockey for the Kelowna Chiefs.