Dennene Huntly

Birth Date
November 7, 1977
Years Practicing
Edmonton, AB

Notable Events

My first 100 km World Championships held in Gibraltar in 2010 as well as
my first 24 Hour World Championships held in Turin, Italy were quite
memorable. Getting to represent Canada on the World stage is quite an honor
and "such a rush"!

Early Memory

I was a very hyper kid. I remember my mother was quite
active and to burn my energy when I was 4 years old, after we would drop my
brother off at school, she would take me swimming for an hour at the local
University pool and then I would run a mile around the University track.

On Your Playlist

A variety but here is a taste: Comedown by Moist, Resurrection by Moist, Footsteps by Pop Evil, More by Usher and Hell Ya by Rev Theory. 

Current/Best Read

Currently reading: The 360 degree Leader by John C
Maxwell.  Best running read:  My Life On The Run by Bart Yasso.

Words To Live By

Push Your Limits. When I am running/racing, especially
the long stuff (100 miles, 24 hours etc) a mantra I use "If it hurts to run
and it hurts to walk, I might as well run"!


Dennene Huntley, originally from Nova Scotia, lives in Edmonton, Alberta.  She ran her first marathon, the Calgary Marathon in 2004.  Since then, Dennene has ran a total of 64 Marathons & Ultramarathons combined.  Her marathon highlights include the Ottawa Marathon, winning the Military National Championships in Ottawa four years in a row, has ran the Boston Marathon six times, ran the Chicago marathon, ran the Military International Marathon Championships in Athens, Greece as well as several others.  Dennene quickly pulled away from the marathon scene and became an ultra-runner when she discovered trail running world exactly ten years ago.  Loving the Alberta trail ultras, she has solo’d the Death Race three times, in 2006, 2007 and 2009, placing 3rd woman the first year and 2nd woman the next two years, she ran Sinster 7 in 2013 (when it was 148kms) and placed 3rd woman and again in 2015 as a 100 miler, placing 3rd again.  Has ran the Lost Soul 100k in Lethbridge (known as the toughest ultra in the Prairies) the past three years in a row, placing 2nd woman and 4th overall in 2015.  Dennene has been a member of Team Canada, attending the 100 km World Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2014 respectively and attended the 24 hour World Championships in April 2015 in Turin, Italy.  Recently, she tested her endurance skills at her third 24 hour, running 194 kms (120.5 miles) in Philadelphia, PA, requalifying her for the Team Canada 24 Hour team.