Sean Seville

Birth Date
October 18, 1983
Years Practicing
Animal Rights, Mental Illness & Depression
Long Distance Running

Notable Events

Edmonton 2015, 2016 Hypothermic Half Marathon: 1st Overall
Scotia and Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon 2015: 1:12:52
Canadian Death Race 2015: Finisher
2014 US Trail Marathon Championship: 28th overall
St.Albert Run Wild Half Marathon Current Record Holder

Early Memory

When I was in elementary school I used to run to and from the school from my back door everyday. Other kids walking to and from school used to laugh and toss comments to me like "there he goes again". Not really sure what compelled me, just in my nature to run; even before I knew it was a sport.

On Your Playlist

Matt Mays, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Trampled by Turtles, Coig, Logistics, Adventure Club, Strand of Oaks, Vince Vaccaro, Lupe Fiasco, Horse Feathers

Current/Best Read

Enders Game

Words To Live By

Act courageously from your heart to find love, it's the only true currency in life.
Never become content sitting idle even when things are great; always set sails towards the high life, and deep transcendence.


Sean's birthday is October 18th, 1983 and he grew up in the city of St.Albert, within the province of Alberta. At an early age he exhibited physical aptitude, and excelled at many recreational sports. As a child he spent endless hours outside, where he didn't seem to tire.  Not only did he have high endurance but his coordination was excellent.

Through his adolescence (1996-2002) he played in a rock band, and spent little time on sports. Following high school Sean continued onto University studying civil engineering, which also didn't leave him much time for sports.

Once he finished university in 2008 he started running recreationally. In 2012 after the ending of a 3 year relationship and making some major career changes; he started to invest more time to running and his passions. Since 2013 to 2015 he has managed to improve his half marathon time by over 20minutes.