Sarah King

Birth Date
January 10, 1984
Years Practicing
Calgary, AB
Coast to Coast against Cancer Foundation, as no one should ever hear the words, 'Your child has cancer'

Notable Events

Ironman, Honolulu Marathon, Vegas Marathon, Cycling Coast to Coast (Vancouver to Halifax) in 2013, and again this year in September!

Early Memory

My first roadbike, and literally my first few pedal strokes.  I knew I was done for.

On Your Playlist

High energy, upbeat dance music!

Current/Best Read

The Art of Possibility! Such a powerful read about perception and how to position your thinking!

Words To Live By

 Principle over Popularity, and my favourite.. ALWAYS PLAY!


Sarah King, Cycling, Calgary AB - was first introduced to cycling in 2008 when I signed up for a sprint Triathlon.  It very quickly became my favourite discipline and has since become my focus.  I am very energetic, outgoing and love to experience new things.  Adventure is my middle name, and I love getting out there and exploring!