Stephaney Hortian

Birth Date
August 8, 1987
Years Practicing
Kitchener, Ontario

Notable Events

 5k and 10k road

On Your Playlist

 Dark Horse- Katy Perry, Shake it off- Taylor Swift

Current/Best Read

 The 100 year old man who crawled out the window and disappeared.

Words To Live By

Never give up on a dream


My name is Stephaney Hortian.  I am a competitive distance runner, training and living in
Kitchener, Ontario.  My primary events are 5k and 10k on the roads.  I started running when I

was  in grade 8 but I wasn’t competitive in the sport until University.  I went to the University of

Windsor for 4 years to pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology.  While at

University I competed Nationally and Internationally on the Varsity Cross Country and Track

teams.  As a post-collegiate runner, I train primarily on my own as I work full-time as a Direct

Support Professional.  I am a Skechers Performance Division Athlete and Ambassador as well

as an Ambassador for CEP Compression Canada.  When I am not running, I enjoy hanging out

with my husband, taking my pug Baxter for a walk, cooking/baking, reading, doing yoga, biking,

and relaxing.