Sarah-Jane Caumartin

Birth Date
December 15, 1995
Years Practicing
Sprint Canoer

Notable Events

1st place at the 2013 senior world championship, c-2 500m
1st place at the 2013 senior world cup, c-2 500m
4th place at the 2014 senior world championship, c-2 500m
1st place at the 2013 junior panam championship, c-2 500m and c-2 200m
7 medals at the 2013 Canada Games
9th place at the 2013 senior world cup in c-1 200m

Early Memory

The first time I tried canoe, I was with my one year older brother in a c-2 (canoe with 2 persons) and we were always tipping. I was so mad at him beacause I was sure that it was his fault… But as soon as the next morning, when I was in a c-1 for the first time, I realised that I wasn’t so good, and I wasn’t able to keep my balance alone. Since that day, my goal was to always go further or faster than him. He is probably the reason why I went up so many time in my canoe, never giving up on trying to keep my balance in my first years, and to go faster when I had more abilities.

On Your Playlist

Never driving without my Taylors Swift or James Blunt cd.

Current/Best Read

Sounds a bit nerdy I know, but I love to learn more about nutrition and or body performances, so this is the kind of book I’m reading in my free time.

Words To Live By

“a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”


I’m Sarah-Jane Caumartin, a 19 year old and a sprint canoer since the age of 8. I’m from Mont-Saint-Hilaire but I moved to Trois-Rivières when I was 15 to perfection my skills as a canoer. Since that day, I’ve been training really hard all year long to be as ready as possible for my racing seasons.
I’m a very competitive person in all the spheres of my life. No matter what I’m doing, my motivation is to be better than the other people or to be better than I was the last time I did something. I’m never satisfied by a result and I always want more, that is what makes me work so hard to become the fastest in my sport.
My biggest accomplisment in my discipline is without a doubt, my win at the 2013 senior world championship in c-2 500m. I’m also really proud to be the most decorated athlete of summer’s Canada Games’ history, with a total of 7 medals won in Sherbrooke in 2013. For this accomplishment, I had the honor to be the flag barrer for my province during the closing ceremony. I also won a gold medal at the Panam championship in 2013.
When I’m not training, I like to cook some healty snacks and meals, and sometimes some delightfull deserts to keep my good mood. I also like to play and take walks with my crazy and lovely dog, or to go to my parent’s cottage to relax with my family and enjoying the outdoors.