Jonathan Campagna

Birth Date
March 19, 1982
Years Practicing
Vancouver, BC

Notable Events

Definitely when I passed the Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance level 4 certification, it was at Sun Peaks resort in BC. 

Early Memory

When Jean-Luc Brassard won gold at the Lillehammer Olympics I knew I wanted to ski when I'd grow up. So my cousin and I built a mogul run at our grandparents' farm, there was a short hill on the river bank on their property and we would ski the bumps, hike back up skis on our shoulders and do it over and over

On Your Playlist

Cold War Kids, Weezer, Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Pennywise, The Offspring

Current/Best Read

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Words To Live By

Don't let anyone dictate your life and follow your dreams!


Hi, I'm Jonathan Campagna, professional ski instructor and ski coach. I grew up in the region of Drummondville, Québec where I started skiing at the age of 9 at a small resort called Mont Gleason, this is also where I got certified as a ski instructor. I worked there for seven seasons before moving to Vancouver, BC and started teaching at Cypress Mountain for three seasons and then moved on to Red Mountain, BC in 2008-09. I've done seasons in New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, and Australia. I'd love to do a season in Japan and in Europe at some point and ski in Africa, India and Iran. My biggest success has to be when I obtained the highest certification in ski teaching in Canada. I've faced different challenges along the way, but the hardest has to be when I went to work in Argentina and I couldn't speak the language, it didn't work out too well for me at the start, but I stuck with it and I started spending time with local people and I left the country at the end of the season being able to hold a conversation entirely in Spanish! I started mountain biking 3 years ago and intend to go on weekend trips during the summer a little more often. I recently went scuba diving in Australia and I got hooked, looking into doing diving trips as well.