Delilah Topic

Birth Date
July 4, 1979
Years Practicing
Kelowna, BC
Canadian Cancer Society and Canadian Diabetes Association.

Notable Events

5km, 10km 1500m distances

Early Memory

Seeing my cousin Ben get ready for his races when I was growing up (I so looked up to him!!), and always being excited when he came home with medals! He was a provincially ranked athlete, and very talented. He still inspires me as an athlete, and as a person.

On Your Playlist

Everything and anything!! For my mellow long runs I like “the xx”, for pre-race warm-ups and more upbeat runs, I tend towards hip/hop and (even though I hate to admit it!) top 40.

Current/Best Read

Current read: "Grit" by Angela Lee Duckworth

Best read: So hard to choose!!! I do love non-fiction though, and books that make me think.


Words To Live By

Never give up. Always aim high. Challenges are meant to be overcome. Everything is possible.


First Start:

Elementary school track and field, but then figure skating became my main focus for many years, and running was put on hold until adulthood!

Personality Traits:

Perfectionist, hard-working, dedicated, tenacity up the wazoo!


2013 World Masters Games Bronze Medalist
2017 World Masters Games Silver and Bronze Medalist


I was also diagnosed with a bone condition in 2017, after which I was told that I could never run again, but I have been able to return to some gentle running recently, and feeling very optimistic as the treatment is working!


Biking, hiking, yoga, reading. I live in beautiful Kelowna BC, which makes outdoor activities so enjoyable.