Jessica Kuepfer

Birth Date
May 31, 1989
Years Practicing
On the public relations board of House of Friendship, a local additions shelter. Volunteer for Ontario Shores Foundation for Mental Health, Adolescent Eating Disorder Treatment

Notable Events

100 Miles of Wild, Adventure Science, April 2013
First Female OA at the Yankee Springs Trail half marathon in June 2014 
First Female OA at the Creemore Vertical Challenge in July 2014
Boston Marathon, April 2015
Equinox Traverse 48 HR Adventure Race, June 201


Early Memory

My first run. I always loved to run, but I certainly wasn’t always great at it. I remember stopping by the river to walk after about 500 m and determining I would not stop until I could run a mile. You can see how that went… 

On Your Playlist

Electronic Music. I love the driving rhythm and bass drops for speed work outs. My current favourite album is Drive by Gareth Emery.

Current/Best Read

Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Hands down the best book I have read this year. 

Words To Live By

That what is meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me. 


Jessica is a runner, cyclist and adventure racer based out of Waterloo, ON. She began her running career with high school cross country and it has led her to racing everything from a 120 mile stage race, varsity cross country, multiday adventure races and the Boston Marathon. Some of the coolest events she has participated in involve doing 100 miles in the wilderness with a team of scientists on a research expedition and her longest adventure race – a 48 hour adventure race in the Laurel Highlands. When she is not training in New Balance on the track, road or trail, she can be found at work at Home Hardware Stores Limited in Public Relations, blogging at or advocating for self-esteem and eating disorder awareness for young women.