Samantha Grimes-Olson

Birth Date
November 30, -0001
Years Practicing
Crank Sisters ( a women's outreach group to get girls racing! Also, Fast & Female of course!

Notable Events

My first race, also my first time in clipless - FINISHING.  That has to be notable accomplishment for any racer.  Otherwise, Top 20 Women's Finish at the 2009 Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival (Short Distance), Two designated USA Cycling State Championships in my early days as CAT 3.  My first CAT 1 podium in the Minnesota State Championship Series 2010.  

My first race back from my medical hiatus.  I teared up at the start because I missed start lines.

1st Masters Expert finish at Miner's Mountain XC race.  Not UCI sanctioned, but it left me with the best experience I've had at a race in a very long time. 

Early Memory

I used to take plywood and build ramps and jumps.  Then I'd fly my Schwinn Cruiser over them like I was 'so pro.  Was that too early of a memory?

On Your Playlist

If I'm on the trainer and I need to get my mind onto my mountain bike - I channel Kasabian "Fire" - try not getting amped up when the chorus picks up.  Otherwise, "Welcome to the World - Kevin Rudolf" "I love it - Icono Pop" and I'm not proud of this one, but "Faded - Soul Decision".  I'm into rhythm and cadence.  One fact I'm not embarrassed of? I sing in my head during races.  Mostly Ace of Base.  Sometimes Men at Work.  And unfortunately, I do not know the entire lyrics, so I end up repeating choruses.  

Current/Best Read

I'm currently reading Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein.  My favorite reads are poems by Robert Frost when I'm feeling antsy or lonely.  Short stories by David Sedaris when I need a laugh.  Or the obituaries when I'm having a pity party and need to be brought back to reality. 

Words To Live By

"It wouldn't be in the trail if someone couldn't ride it." Simple words from a fellow competitor when I was learning a feature and getting fed up.  It's true with life as well.  I may not nail something right off the bat, but if I keep working, I will conquer it eventually.  


Samantha Olson was born in St. Paul Minnesota (USA).  She was, emphasis on was, morbidly obese at nearly 300 lbs by the age of twenty.  After changing her lifestyle and habits, she started attending spin classes at her local gym.  The instructor was a competitive mountain biker and encouraged her to give it a try.  She fell in love the very first time she crossed a finish line.  After losing the weight, she was chosen as a spokesperson for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, one of the largest health companies in the nation. Under their cycling sponsorship, she competed in the elite CAT 1 XC field and also did her first endurance races.  She even tried a road race, which was a "hilarious failure" as Sam would say.  She also ran a marathon.  Mainly because she just wanted to say she did.  Sometimes, it's that simple.

She suffered a severe concussion and amnesia in 2011, followed by the birth of her daughter in 2012.  It's been a long climb back to competition, but the goal is still the same - To finish with a smile!  2015 has been her best year yet!

Aside from competing, Samantha works in marketing and is a wife and mother.  She also is a musician who had a brief stint as a local rock star.  Seriously.  They played her band on local TV while giving the weekly forecast.  She doesn't play often these days, except to sing songs from "Frozen" to her daughter.