Kate Hanly

Birth Date
July 24, 1993
Years Practicing
Toronto, ON
Calgary, AB
I am currently involved in Fast & Female, an incredible organization for the development of girls in sport as well as Team Icespire, a group of Canadian Speed Skaters looking to give back to and inspi
Long Track Speed Skating

Notable Events

My most memorable achievement thus far would have to be winning a bronze medal in the 1000m at Junior World Championships in 2010. Personally it was a confusing and hard time for me – first year at university, rocky relationship, an illness in my family, mentally I was struggling in new ways, but I was able to put this all aside and execute one of my best races that year. It was also incredibly special to be able to share that moment with some of the greatest teammates I have ever had, their unwavering support really added to the joy of that moment. 

Early Memory

When I first started speed skating it was not my favorite sport. My mom, an ex-speed skater, would take me to practice and I loved the connection it created between us (and also the stop for hot chocolate on the way home!). I loved the feeling of working towards a goal with my mom and being able to share the experience with her. Over time I fell in love with the sport and it continues to be a deep connection between my mom and me. 

On Your Playlist

Wild Thing, The Troggs

Current/Best Read

I am currently in love with reading sport biographies – there is always something to learn from another athlete’s journey. My favorite right now is The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. 

Words To Live By

“By letting your own light shine you unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mandela  


First Start:

My mom put my twin sister and I in speed skating at 8 years old after the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. Seeing her excitement while watching long track speed skating on TV made us want to try it and it was nice to be able to share this passion with her. 

Personality Traits:

Dedicated, stubborn, passionate, sensitive, and a bit weird.


I qualified for the Junior World Championship Team 5 years in a row (1 of only 3 Canadians to do this!) and won two bronze medals. I had 10 top 5 finishes at Junior World Cups over those 5 years and I competed at Canada Winter Games in 2011 to won 5 medals. 


A constant challenge for me is the mental aspect of sport. I am very hard on myself and often beat myself up mentally. I need to always remind myself to focus on constructive elements of sport that will allow me to improve and build my confidence. 

Other Interests, and Hobbies:

Hiking and backpacking, as a budding environmentalist I adore most outdoor activities especially when it involves mountains! I am well known among my peers for carrying a kite with me to the top of a mountain to fly it at the summit. In addition, I adore vegetable gardening and cooking – I am very passionate and interested in developing more sustainable ways of living, especially eating. As a student of environmental science, this is where my academic pursuits lie!