Una Lounder

Birth Date
February 12, 1988
Years Practicing
I love being involved with Fast & Female! Helping empower girls through sport is something I care deeply about.

Notable Events

I am a 5x member of the Sr World Championship team, a World Championship finalist, a World Cup medalist, and a Pan American Games Champion and one of the accomplishments that I am also very proud of is a National title and record in the Women’s IC4 500m event. 

Early Memory

I was so fortunate to have strong female role models that made a big impact on me at an early age.  I had the opportunity to watch female Olympians train and compete at my canoe club as a kid and that is something that is hard to beat! I have lots of early memories of them in their Canada jackets and training hard on Lake Banook.  They taught me a lot about what is possible for women in sport. 

On Your Playlist

When I’m cooking or hanging out at home, I love the Sweet Soul Revival playlist on Songza - so right now I am loving Leon Bridges’ album “Coming Home”.  But when it comes to working out in the gym, running, or warming up for a race – I’m all about smiling and dancing!  Beyoncé and Taylor Swift feature regularly on my dance warm-up playlist ?

Current/Best Read

Right now I am reading Dear Life by Alice Munro.  My favorite books of all time are Jane Eyre and The Awakening.

Words To Live By

Wherever you go, bring your best self!  


My name is Una Lounder and I’m a National Team kayaker from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. I began paddling when I was 9 years old and have loved it since my first day at the canoe club. My first big competition was the 2005 Junior World Championships and this summer I will compete in my 5th Senior World Championships in Milan, Italy. 

I am a PanAmerican Games Champion, World Cup medalist, National Champion and record holder, and in 2014, I finished the season with 2 top ten finishes at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia. Wearing the maple leaf on my chest when I race is an honour and a privilege for me, and it is my dream to compete for Canada at the Olympic Games.  I am currently training and competing with my sights set on Rio 2016.

Through many ups and downs, sport has given me so much and taught me that nothing can beat hard work and a positive attitude!

I love walking, reading, dance warm-ups, long runs, the ocean, rainbow sprinkles, and smiles.

Also, since so much of my life is spent on lakes, rivers, and canals, the RBC Blue Water project is an initiative that is near and dear to my heart.