Sarah Bergeron-Larouche

Birth Date
July 12, 1987
Years Practicing
Qu├ębec City
Trail Running

On Your Playlist

Lean on- Major Lazer (Feat Mo), Balloons-A Fine line, Wash away -Joe purdy, Man oTo- Yu

Current/Best Read

Ultratrail, plaisir, performance et Santé de Guillaume Millet. 

Words To Live By

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
Lao Tzu


For me, it all started in cross country skiing. The first sport that made me discover the winter in all it splendour and brought me closer to nature. Then I discovered trail running: love at first sight! It's natural, I have enthusiasm, liveliness, feet are placed instinctively, I get in the zone... Everyone has its own reason to run, for me part of my motivation comes from the feeling satisfaction and achievement, but mainly from discovery. In fact, trail running leads me to places where I have never been. I have the chance to run in the most beautiful place in Québec and it makes me want to discover the most beautiful landscape on the planet. Mentally, trail running also leads me to unique places, where time stops, I live in the moment and I feel like a child again. In fact, it becomes my excuse to explore places that I dare to imagine. Essentially, no matter the level of performance, I want to feed the passion, share it with others and pass it to the next generation. 


Yoga, slackline, baking.