Sarah Dyer

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November 30, -0001
Alpine Ski Racing

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My name is Sarah Dyer and I am a Fast & Female Sport Leader & Expert along with the Program Director with London Ski Club Racing in London, ON.

Although I am not on a podium or Team Canada, I take my position seriously in not only fostering the sport of Alpine Ski Racing and ensuring to deliver a quality program to not only create athletes and instill life skills in our athletes; but also to educate, inspire and empower our young female athletes through sport and to stay in sport.
I started skiing when I was 2 years old with my dad, enrolled in racing when I was 5 years old and never looked back! I obtained my coaching certification when I was 15 years old and fell in love with the profession. I have now been coaching for 14+ years and have continued to achieve additional credentials and continue my education in sport.

My interests and hobbies include spending time with my daughter and family (on and off the ski hill!), yoga and reading.